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GUS2A Datasheet web page, GUS2A thetaiotaomicron. Recombinant BtHyp137A-Gus2A (GH137-. GH2-CBM57- CBM35), purified from Escherichia coli, is a modular family 137 and 2 Glycoside
Crushed river course aggregates maximum sizes of 10 and 20 mm collected in bed of Mary River, Queensland, were used for production of concrete for this study.
The energy use for space heating and cooling in Australia and several other developed countries is a significant portion of their total energy use. With growing concern over climate change and global warming, the need to reduce energy consumption in major sectors such as housing is essential. Energy
PDF Both chemical and rheological aspects of aged bitumen in reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) material play an important role in the final performance of bituminous mixtures containing recycled
Inevitably, train and track interaction generates a travelling source of noise and vibration along the railway corridor. Railway noise is generated in various forms and spectra.

98 P. SHARAFI AND M. RASHIDI 2014). Kim and Abdelrazaq (2009) carried out a study on construction sequence analysis of the flat plate system in
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108 P. SHARAFI AND M. RASHIDI indicating how effective a rectangle is in the irregularity of the floor plan (Sharafi, Teh, and Hadi 2015). 2.3.
64 S. KAewunRuen And A. M ReMennIKov Radiation of noise and vibration Wheel/rail vertical interaction generates the dynamic force, which will be transferred to adjacent components
The reliability of airborne light detection and ranging (LiDAR) for delineating individual trees and estimating aboveground biomass (AGB) has been proven in a diverse range of ecosystems, but can be difficult and costly to commission.

Optimum spanning for rectangular floor systems – part 1 a

Durability of cement-stabilised rammed earth a case study

Investigation on compressive strength development and

Current state of practice in railway track vibration

Optimum spanning for rectangular floor systems – part 2

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(PDF) Application of rejuvenators and virgin bitumen to

(PDF) Current state of practice in railway track vibration